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Innocence. Honesty. That goofy face they’re always making. The way their nose wrinkles when they giggle. Their shy, daydreaming stare. The way their hair won’t lay just right.
As a mother these are the things I know that matter – that are such an important part of a child’s little personality. And what I strive to capture. I enjoy providing a fun and relaxed experience that will encase the
characters that are unique to each family. I will capture you all in your natural element. Real smiles. Real moments. Real memories.
Your true family essence.



Conveniently located in Craigieburn, my purpose-built home studio and office and just 20 minutes from Melbourne Airport. This inviting space is designed to be a safe and welcoming haven for your maternity, newborn and family portraits.
I have several outdoor locations around the Hume area that I recommend depending on your personal style.
Other than your local park, there are plenty of locations that would make an amazing scene for your family’s portraits – an urban street, a stunning field, a friend’s farm, even an old junkyard!
The best family photographs often come from the most unexpected locations.
I am always open to suggestions regarding a place that is meaningful to you. Since every child and family is unique, I would be happy to help you choose a location that suits your family’s personality.
The early morning and late afternoon/early evening light works best for photographs taken outdoors.

Family sessions tend to average approximately 45-90 minutes.



All sessions are customised to be creative, natural and artistic – as well as personalised for your individual session.
Trust me to guide you in the right direction for your session styling – I will always have a vision in mind! These images will be timeless.



If you feel a connection with my work and would like to make a booking or to receive more information on pricing,
please contact me here.
I look forward to meeting you!




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