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There is something so pure about babies. How they learn. How they interact. How the world intrigues their little mind! I find this glows in their portrait sessions.
Your growing person will change enormously in the first 12 months – from a teeny, squishy newborn to an innocent, playful toddler… All in the space of a very short, fleeting year.
These sessions can be simply to capture such a fabulous little personality. Smiles. Raspberry blowing. Even some very serious stares! Or a special time like a cake smash to celebrate turning 1!
Whatever the reason, this is such a wonderful age to capture their adorable developing character.
Our lives seem to be constantly speeding past us in a blur of light. Tomorrow turns into last year and before we know it everything has changed.
Make sure you don’t miss a moment. I want to capture the little person that they are becoming, today – as a Mummy myself, I know this is vital!



Baby session locations vary between at an agreed upon outdoor location or in of the comfort of my home studio depending on baby’s age and the session type selected.
My studio is located approximately 20mins from Melbourne Airport in the suburb of Craigieburn.
I have several outdoor locations around the Hume area that I recommend depending on your personal style.
I am always open to suggestions regarding a place that is meaningful to you. I will help you pick the perfect location for your child’s session.



“Little Sitter” sessions are generally done when babies are about 4-10 months old; preferably when baby is sitting steadily, but not yet crawling away.
“One Year” and “Cake Smashes” are best captured at around 11 months so you are able to use your beautiful images for birthday invitations.

I recommend allowing 45-90 minutes for your child’s photographs to be taken. I encourage you to ensure your child is as well rested as possible with a full tummy.
The more comfortable your adorable little angel is at their session, the more at ease they will be.
While there is some basic posing involved, children are encouraged to play and run, to capture your family as they are. It’s sometimes these moments that create the best images!



My style is my art. All sessions are customised to be creative, natural and artistic – as well as personalised for your baby’s individual session.
I have a gorgeous selection of simply pure and organic outfits and props available for your baby’s portrait sitting.
Trust me to guide you in the right direction for your session styling – I will always have a vision in mind! These images will be timeless.



If you feel a connection with my work and would like to make a booking or to receive more information on pricing,
please contact me here.
I look forward to meeting you!





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