The Baby Summit | the newborn conference that changed my career

This is a post that should probably have been blogged a year ago… but let’s face it, I suck at blogging! However, I am writing this now as I have just gotten word that the LAST – insert massive sad, uncontrollable crying face – ever Baby Summit is happening in 6 weeks and I’m here to tell you why you simply HAVE to go.

Simply, it will change your life!

The past two days I have had ‘time-hop’ memories popping up in my Facebook feed and I am flooded with emotion about my time spent at the most amazing newborn conference called THE BABY SUMMIT! Of course if you work in the newborn photography industry and haven’t heard of this, you have been living under a rock – but to have actually been one of the lucky people who can say I was an attendee of this amazing event, still leaves me beaming! I don’t know how the amazing Kelly Brown comes up with these things but I am so thankful that she has done this for so many reasons!

The baby summit is a learning conference that spans over a few days and covers everything from business coaching, marketing strategies through posing, safety and editing – and well, everything in between. It literally covers EVERYTHING! It was absolutely life changing for me both as a business owner but also just as much as a person.

The Summit was something that had been running annually for a few years and every year I always bailed on booking. Why? Because I simply didn’t feel I was worth the investment. I was mainly focusing on parenting my young children at the time so how could I justify not only The Summit itself but also my flights and accommodation to QLD to attend this learning experience? Then Kelly announced that my fave girls Amy McD from Dewdrops Photography and Nic from Nicole Smith Photography were coming and I couldn’t not see my girls who were coming all the way from the US – so that’s how I justified it to myself.

Well, I was not at all prepared for what was to occur on those few short days!

I locked myself in for my classes. I tried to pick according to my ‘weakness’ within my business. There was one lot of classes in a time slot with some professionals I had never heard of, so I chose what would suit my business best but I have to say, I wasn’t overly excited about this one – and that class actually turned out to be my favourite class in the whole experience. It was one with the incredibly talented Jean Smith Photography who taught me so so much about creating work/life balance and being able to be a Mum as well as a business owner!

This is something that we photographers struggle with so desperately. And at that stage, I was. Struggling, I mean. I felt like I was trying to juggle everything but failing at all of it! I was spreading myself so thin and yet was on top of nothing! My confidence was shattered. My family was suffering and my business was barely existing! This class all on its own was worth the entire investment!

And then Kemi Nekvapil stepped in! Another amazing human I had not heard of. WOW!! You can tell Kelly really researched every single coach/teacher she has at these events! Kemi was mind boggling. She is a life coach and if her speech didn’t inspire you, nothing ever will. That woman’s insane uplifting aura just makes you want to be a better person. She taught me that it doesn’t make you a weak person to ask for help, it makes you stronger – because admitting that we need assistance and realising our weaknesses shows so much more strength and courage than drowning in the abyss of the daily life struggle!

There are so so many other moments to mention like Sue Bryce’s heart wrenching pep talk (which if you weren’t brought to tears from, you have no soul haha), meeting some absolutely amazing new people, seeing and catching up with some gorgeous old friends (including my amazingly talented friends from Saudi Arabia – Mortadha and Esraa who are now teaching themselves), seeing some of my idols in action such as Luisa Dunn, Kristen Mackey and Russ Jackson, seeing Nicole Smith singing “Sweet home Alabama”- seriously, I could go on all day! I learned, I danced, I laughed, I cried. I realised that I am worth something. Actually, I’m worth a lot! Everyone is. And it truly is all thanks to one very special person…

The person that risked everything because she had a dream to push other people to reach their own dreams. The person who wanted newborn photography to be a respected industry. The person who wanted to educate photographers on safe handling of babies. The person who poured her blood, sweat and tears into creating this amazing event that so many photographers, like myself, have attended to change their businesses and their life balance. KELLY BROWN – you have changed my life so much over the past 12mths and I will be forever grateful. You are the most humble, kind and giving person of anyone I have ever come across and you do it, not only so effortlessly but also so selflessly. You don’t care if you get back what you put out to the world. You just want to watch people succeed. And for that reason alone, you are truly a treasure that is rare and priceless. In life, there is always that special person who shapes who you are and who helps to determine the person you become. I am so thankful that I have had you influence my life – lord knows we could all use a bit of positivity! Thank you, so many times over, THANK YOU!

This year will be the final Baby Summit. If you are still undecided on whether you’d like to go, trust me, it is worth it one thousand times over. You will make friends, find support from people that have the same joys and struggles that this business throws at you, you will learn from the most amazing team of professionals and most of all YOU are worth investing in. Your business is worth investing in!!! There is nothing quite like the atmosphere of hundreds of photographers who are inspired. Do this for your business. Do it for your family – who I’m sure see more of the back of your head from sitting at a computer all day long. But most of all, do it for you. It will be something that truly touches you on so many levels.


K xx




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THOMAS hospital session | Melbourne Fresh 48 Photography

Welcome to the world little Thomas!

What an honour it is being invited to photograph a baby while still in hospital. This little guy was only hours old when I got to meet him! And boy is he just the cutest little legend ever!

Taking a minute to capture things like those first cuddles, kisses, feeds and nappy changes are so vital. These moments pass by so quickly!

Well done Chris and Kristen, Tommy is just perfect and you’ve both taken to parenting like ducks to water!



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10-DAY-OLD PARKER | Melbourne Newborn Photography

Today I got to photograph this little piece of perfection with his amazing family. Parker is the youngest of 3 boys and WOW has he chosen an incredible family to be a part of!

Parker’s mum will always mean the world to our family – and to many other families, I’m sure! You see, Kate is one of Melbourne’s most incredible and supportive midwives! She has helped hundreds of women bring their own little loves earthside, so to be able to capture some memories for her when she’s given me so many amazing memories, is something that truly fills my heart! You have created such a beautiful little family Kate. Parker and his brothers really did well for themselves choosing you to be their Mummy!
Welcome to the world Parker <3 You are already so very loved!


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Maternity, Newborn and Family workshop ~ with Dewdrops Photography and Anja McDonald Photography

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting an amazing photography workshop here at Images by Katie headquarters!

I had two world-renowned mentors here to teach a small group of photographers the art of our profession – and let me tell you, they went above and beyond to completely blow our minds!!!

One of the amazing masters we had here, came all the way from the U.S.A! Amy McDaniel of Dewdrops Photography specialises in newborn portraits and uses studio lighting. She thoroughly went over her flow posing, wrapping, prop posing, parent posing and ensured the entire time that she discussed her light placement which is vital for achieving those gorgeous creamy skin tones she is so well known for, which was handy as she also covered how she edits her perfectly posed newborn images.
I have had the pleasure of having Amy as a mentor for the past 3 years. I have hosted Amy twice now and attended 3 of her workshops. After each time, my work has improved immensely and the guidance and commitment to her attendees just keeps giving. I can truly say, I would not be where I am today without her! Thank you Mrs McD xx

This time Amy decided to team up with the talent behind the camera at Anja McDonald photography. Anja flew here from Perth, W.A and boy, she didn’t fail to impress! Anja is a woman of many talents! She prides herself on being able to use all aspects of her photography to ensure she runs her business successfully and maintains a busyness which can often be a concern here in Australia by sticking to one genre. She went over everything from her epically amazing outdoor sessions – both family and maternity, Anja also covered indoor maternity and poor natural lighting which is a great help being in Melbourne, because let’s face it, the weather isn’t always as lovely as Perth! Anja was also generous in sharing her knowledge in her marketing strategies and extensively went over how she edits her outdoor images – entirely by hand with no actions used what-so-ever! Let me say – this woman blew my mind! Anja – you ROCK!

Both these amazing women were so accommodating of each of the attendees and went over everything, with everyone, in detail. There were photographers that had been in “the game” for a while and were looking to polish their skills and others that were just beginning their journey – no question was too hard or too simple. Both Anja and Amy ensured each element that they were teaching was clearly understood and everyone was grasping their new found knowledge!
I think I speak for all students when I say the information from the two days that were spent with incredible educators, was life changing. Not only did every single person learn amazing ways to improve their business and therefore give more back to our clients – I mean, that’s why we do this anyway, right?! But the laughs shared, the friendships gained and the memories created will last long after the workshop ended. These woman went well beyond the call of duty to create a fantastic learning environment and have not stopped giving since! By far the best investment I have made to improve my business!

If you are on the fence about a workshop – choose one or both of these fabulous woman. They wont disappoint.

I am so honoured to have learnt so much from them in my short career. I’m pretty certain, my clients thank them too!


Thank you Amy and Anja, so much. I think I have told you both about 100 times already, but you truly have changed my life and my business. You are both so kind and generous with your knowledge and it really is an art to make that many women feel comfortable and relaxed where there were so many skill levels involved. I look forward to seeing my work grow more in the coming years and take myself to the next level and provide the best art I possibly can for my clients.



K xx


Find Amy’s work here:

Find Anja’s work here:

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12-DAY-OLD WILLOW | Melbourne Newborn Photography

Introducing Willow.

My husband and I have known this little princess’s Mumma since we were little children – very little in fact! So it was no secret I was busting at the seams when I found out Stacie was pregnant. That being said, there are no words to describe how truly touching it was to be asked to capture these special moments for this new family.

Willow of course loved me from the start 😉 – acting like a total doll throughout her session! She did exactly what I wanted her to – even getting a stunning christmas set up in so we could incorporate her birth announcements and Christmas cards all in one!

Thank you for letting me share this special moment with you Stace and Linny! Capturing memories for friends is in a league of its own <3



12-day-old baby girl Melbourne newborn photography by Images by Katie, of Melbourne, Victoria

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